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No, it ain’t right to just love me when you can.

In an ordinary fairy tale land 
There’s a promise of a perfect happy end 
And I imagine having just short of that 
Is better than nothing 

So you’ll be mine 
Forever and almost always 
And I’ll be fine 
Just love me when you can 
And I’ll wait patiently 
I’ll wake up every day 
Just hoping that you still care 

In the corner of my mind I know too well 
Oh that surely even I deserve the best 
But instead of leaving 
I just put the issue to bed 
And outta my head 

Too hard to keep up with you. Hard to figure out what this really is. Honestly, what I’m most afraid of is admitting that what we have is short of perfect, because with you, it’s supposed to just be perfect. It’s really hard to love somebody when you don’t feel like you come first. I deserve more than just the occasional I love you.